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We offer the ideal environment for children taking their first, tiny steps in the world.

Our nursery welcomes children from a few months old to five years, after which many of them still come back to enjoy our Out of School Club.

We show children how to play together, learn together and grow up together, and we do it in an environment which is safe, secure and convenient, only a short distance from Beverley town centre.

Each room has the appropriate resources and equipment to help your child’s development.

From babies in arms to bouncing five-year-olds we use a touch of flower power to support the personal, social and emotional development of your children.

From the Daffodil Room to the Sunflower Room, the Buttercup Room and the Bluebell Room, the children will find each setting has the appropriate resources and equipment to meet their evolving needs and to help them progress.

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Our Nursery Rooms

Daffodil Room

The focus in the Daffodil Room is on helping babies develop their senses, explore their environment, and prepare for a move to join other toddlers in the Sunflower Room.

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Sunflower Room

The Sunflower Room provides a transition for your baby as they develop into toddlers. It is a fun environment with resources for toddlers aged 14 months - 2 years.

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Buttercup Room

The Buttercup Room sets out to help children aged 2 - 3 years gain a little independence, particularly with tasks such as getting dressed and using the toilet.

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Bluebell Room

The Bluebell Room is the largest section within the nursery, where children aged 3 - 5 years are encouraged to explore their own ideas and make their own decisions.

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Rose Room

Our Rose Room is an exciting environment equipped to prepare your child for school. We provide a range of exciting activities aimed towards each child’s interests.

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Educare Garden

The Educare Garden can be enjoyed safely by all the children as they embark on adventures with climbing, hiding, and artistic creations with chalk.

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Out of School Club

The Out of School Club caters for children from the age of five upwards and is open from 7.15am until 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. We also run this club during holidays.

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Out of School Club

The need for high quality childcare isn’t confined to term time and why we’ve been operating an Out of School Club since 2012.

We can accommodate up to 20 children and we apply the same learning, caring and sharing principles as the rest of the nursery, not least because many of the Out of School Club members have graduated from our other rooms!

  • Open 7.15am until 6.30pm
  • Stand alone fully equipped building
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What our parents say

"The staff at Educare Nursery are exceptional! They have a caring and supportive nature."

"Our son loves going to nursery, all thanks to the warm and caring staff and fantastic facilities."

"It's a huge relief knowing our little one is in such capable and loving hands."

"Educare is amazing! The caring staff have nurtured our child’s happiness."

"The nursery team and activities are amazing, and our daughter absolutely loves it there."

"Educare Nursery’s family-run approach and high-quality care have been a game-changer."